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2012 California Alfalfa and Grains Symposium Proceedings posted

Posted on 1/11/2013

The 2012 California Forage & Grains Symposium was held Dec. 11-12 in Sacramento, with 550 registrants, 45 exhibitors, and 31 speakers. In-depth discussion of world-wide trends in alfalfa and small grain economics, fertilizer, pest management and water use issues, as well as ‘how to' talks about alfalfa and wheat production were provided. Videos, Powerpoints, and proceedings papers of most of the presentations are provided below. A Western Alfalfa &Forage Symposium is planned for December 2013 in Reno Nevada-Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out the videos of presentations below, and the proceedings from the 2012 conference.

2012 Alfalfa and Grains Symposium Proceedings